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Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

Common Pest Control Questions

  • Does the chemical smell?

    Pest Control chemicals have come a long way in the smell department. Most people cannot smell what we spray. For people with sensitive noses we also have baits and other devices.

  • Will I have to leave my house?

    Usually the answer is no, however there are some situations where we might ask you to leave do to the type of chemical we are using. The chemicals we use today are very safe, but it is a pesticide and we try to limit our customers unecessary exposure to it.

  • Do bed bugs transmit diseases?

    Bed bugs are not known to be transmitters of disease, however a bed bug bite could become infected and leave scares. A bed bug bite affects different people differently.

  • Do roaches contribute to asthma attacks?

    Roaches are a bonafide heath problem spreading little nasties everywhere they walk. They have been shown to positively contribute to asthmas problems in sufferers.

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